Computer Tutor


Do you need some basic computer help?

Still wondering about the appeal of social media?

I offer freelance services for small businesses and private computer lessons on how to use your cell phone, how to use your digital devices, and how to use social media. I also offer personal assistant services.

I can teach you everything you need to know -- from how to use your digital devices to how to use social media. With my six-weeks personalized computer training course, I teach one-on-one sessions catered to your level of needs and expertise.

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Digital devices class



When I’m not teaching people how to use their technology, I freelance and work as a personal assistant. I specialize in branding and marketing with a focus towards producing content marketing, ad copy, and great emails. I enjoy working with small business owners and other creatives who have vision and direction. Located in Fairhope Alabama. Personal assistant services available.

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Mandy Teacher



I am a writer who helps other creatives and small business owners organize their lives and vision in a way that helps them accomplish all of their goals. Whether that is through computer tutoring services or offering personal assistance, I will analyze your business and help you strengthen your vision.

I am most fascinated with workflow concepts, company branding, and email marketing. I come in and analyze your work processes and systems, create a plan for organization, and install new workflow concepts so all you have to do is create, make, and sell things.

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